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In BOLD's inaugural workshop, we featured two panel discussions where relevant social issues were discussed. These included how to actively be anti-racist and how to create a better and more diverse future in the brass community. Since these are such important conversations, BOLD will hold panel discussions throughout the year! Stay updated on our Events Page or social media so that you don't miss them!


Brass Out Loud is proud to present another Panel Discussion titled: Future Change Makers featuring Christopher Bill, Shanyse Strickland, Abigail Lannan, and Melissa Muñoz. Panelists discuss how they built their multi-faceted music career, challenges faced, as well as offering advice to young musicians seeking diverse careers.
Follow them on social media: @classicaltrombone @snstrick09 @goofyeuph @mel_thetrumpeter

Visionaries in the Brass World Panel Discussion

Our March 2021 panel discussion featured Julie Landsman (former Principal Horn of the Met Opera Orchestra), Velvet Brown (international tuba soloist), Dr Richard White (Associate Professor at Univ. New Mexico and Principal Tubist of the New Mexico Philharmonic), and Marie Speziale (first female trumpet player to play in a symphony orchestra) - Cincinatti Symphony Orchestra). Our incredible panel discusses their path to success, the obstacles that they faced and how they overcame them, and advice to young musicians and how they can achieve their dreams.

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