What is Brass Out Loud?

Brass Out Loud, BOLD for short, is an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in brass seminars and the general brass community. Brass Out Loud was originally founded to launch our inaugural virtual workshop and has since expanded to serve many other purposes. Founders Rebecca Karu, Kate Amrine, and Melissa Muñoz began planting the seeds for this new online workshop in the summer of 2020. After four months of logistical planning, Brass Out Loud became a reality and launched in October 2020.
Brass Out Loud’s first virtual workshop occurred January 8–10, 2021. The workshop was designed for all brass players everywhere, with an inclusive faculty of all backgrounds, races, and genders. The classes offered ranged from instrument-specific performance seminars to discussion panels on how to be anti-racist in our current state as a society. 
As a way to begin highlighting our faculty’s perspectives and experiences, Brass Out Loud started a new Facebook Live series titled, “BOLD Chats," where founders interview musicians about how they have persevered through social obstacles, dealt with the challenges COVID-19 has created, as well as how their ideal brass community looks and functions. 



Meet The Founders


Rebecca Karu

Rebecca Karu is a spirited horn player based in the NJ/NYC areas. As an up and coming performing artist, she demonstrates versatility in both her musicianship, and as an educator within the music community. Along with being an impassioned musician, Rebecca has an ardent devotion to artistic development which can be seen through her blog, Mind Over Practice: Integrated Perspectives on Health and Performance. She believes Brass Out Loud is the change we need in the brass community to offer a home, a voice, and support to those who feel underrepresented in our field.

Kate Amrine

A passionate and creative performer, Kate Amrine is a prominent trumpet player and educator in the New York City area. She enjoys performing on Broadway/off broadway shows, playing chamber music in groups like Spark Duo, project eGALitarian, Kings County Brass, and premiering new works as a soloist. Kate is always focused on uplifting underrepresented voices in the music world - from co founding Brass Out Loud, co creating the Brass Chicks Blog, co leading the Female, Trans, Non Binary brass players Facebook group, and always programming and commissioning new works by diverse composers.

Melissa Muñoz

Melissa Muñoz is a trumpeter and music equality advocate based in New York City. She is a co-founder of the Female/Trans/Non Binary Brass Players page on Facebook, which serves as a safe place and community for the population it stands for. She has given seminars on the topic of diversity in the brass world at several universities across the United States and will be presenting on the topic at the 2021 ITG conference alongside her colleagues Kate Amrine and Chloe Swindler. Brass Out Loud is important to her because she believes that all musicians should feel safe in their community regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity.