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A fundraising event for Brass Out Loud's 2022 Workshop! All proceeds go towards paying faculty, workshop expenses, and sponsoring future students.


Brass Out Loud is an organization dedicated to uplifting and inspiring brass players everywhere. We are especially interested in supporting brass players who have felt underrepresented in the music world. In addition to celebrating the work of male players in our communities, we aim to elevate the work of black, indigenous, people of color, female, trans, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ musicians. Our events address the various needs and challenges faced by the brass community. The inclusive faculty and staff at Brass Out Loud will offer a new perspective on what it means to be a musician today.


     The future of brass is exciting because you are here! At Brass Out Loud, we aim to represent, highlight, and include everyone of all genders, races, religions, beliefs, and more! It's incredibly important to us to recognize that each person in the brass community offers us something different, and differences in the community is what makes us powerful. It's our job as a community to respect and uplift each other, and support what makes us each unique and a driving force in the music world. 

What does your ideal brass community look like? 2021 BOLD faculty member Rodney Marsalis tells us his: 

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